NOTE: this is not a function.

This is categorical variable derived by Statistics Canada that predicts the probability that a respondent would be diagnosed as having a major depressive episode if a diagnostic interview was completed. This variable is derived from DPSDSF in which probabilities are assigned to respondents based on their depression scale score. For more details on how the variable was derived click here.




cchsflow variable name for derived depression scale predicted probability.


While this variable was considered to be categorical in CCHS documentation, the values range from 0 to 0.90 with no distinct names or metadata for each category. As such, this variable was specified as a continuous variable in cchsflow. This has no bearing on the final output of the variable as there are no recode changes. This means that a respondent who was coded with a probability of 0.50 will still have a probability value of 0.50 when the variable goes through harmonization.

This variable is present in every CCHS cycle used in cchsflow, and how it was derived remains consistent.

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library(cchsflow) ?DPSDPP