NOTE: this is not a function.

This is a 9 category variable (LBFA_31A) that is in the CCHS that asks which occupation group best describes a respondent. Occupation group is asked in the 2001 CCHS cycle and in CCHS cycles from 2007-2014.




cchsflow variable name for Occupation Group (9 categories)


While occupation group is asked in many survey cycles, the 2001 CCHS survey cycle is the only survey that has 9 categories. The categories are as follows:

  1. Management

  2. Professional (including accountants)

  3. Technologist, Technician or Tech Occupation

  4. Administrative, Financial or Clerical

  5. Sales or Service

  6. Trades, Transport or Equipment Operator

  7. Farming, Forestry, Fishing, Mining

  8. Processing, Manufacturing, Utilities

  9. Other

To harmonize the 2001 CCHS cycle with other survey cycles, LBFA_31A_a and LBFA_31A_b were created in which categories in the 2001 survey cycle were collapsed.

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