Getting Started

Welcome to the docs for the Project Big Life (PBL) Calculator Engine. The PBL Calculator Engine is a Javascript/Typescript library that allows you to evaluate the algorithms developed at Project Big Life and by extension any algorithm exported to PMML. Follow the instructions below to install the engine package as well as the package that contains all our available algorithms as npm modules.

Look at the following tutorial on setting up your computer before proceeding.

To install the PBL Calculator Engine run the following the command in the root of your project:

npm install git+ssh://

To install the npm module which has all the algorithm files, run the following command in the root of your project:

npm install git+ssh://

The above 2 commands installed specific versions of those modules. To see the list of available versions you can clone the repos and look at the git tags set.

The clone URL's for the above repo are specified below.

  • PBL Calculator Engine -
  • Algorithm Files Module -

To clone the repo which has all the samples present in the documentation, run the following command,

git clone

To look at all the algorithms we currently support, go here

Where to go from here?

Learn how to calculate the following measures

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